Clean Edge System

Fabric Track Tools
for Installers

Supplies for Fabric Wall Systems

Professional Grade, Strongly built in the USA.

Compatible with all Commercial Track Systems

stretched fabric wall set of tools

Fabric tucking tool for all

A line of 6 unique products made for installing textiles into any fabric track systems manufacturers on the market.

These quality tools allow you to hang a fabric on walls and ceilings from beginning to end.
They tack, push, rock and roll the fabric in a fabric wall systems. Including clean up the hanging threads!

Hard Work Installers deserve Premium Quality Tools

Efficient and fast working tools in solid wood and Stainless Steel – we are excited to offer you a selection of fabric tucking tools for working on commercial or residential project.

tool for stretched fabric wall
fabric panels stretched with fabric wall tool

Stretched Fabric Wall Tools

straight tacker fabric tool

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bend tacker tool with wood handle

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bay leaf spatula tool

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ergonomic metal spatula

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wood handle tool with round blade

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plastic spatula for tucking fabric

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fabric tucking tool kit

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best professional tools for fabric walls

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cutting tool for track system

Learn more about all the benefits of this time saver quality tool!

Best fabric track cutter tool

Do you need a good tool for cutting tracks?
Discover a powerful tool cutting with precision miter angles.
A fast and clean way for making easy cuts on a job.

tool cutting a piece of track system
tool cutting fabric track system

Are you interested in a residential line of tracks?
Do you have a project that requires a slim track? Learn about Clean Edge Wall Upholstery track system.

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