Simple line of quality hand tools

 A series of video of 6 powerful tools for fabric-walls. We show how to use each product in a real life fabric installation.
The small collection includes all hardware necessary from start to finish.

Each tool is designed by a team of professional with many years of experience. 
Installation tools are made and build strong in Texas. Apart from the plastic spatula, all other products do not have plastic parts or glue. Simple design and strong, the two main pieces hold together by permanent rivets through and through.
Conclusion, the perfect tools to use in commercial application.

video of 6 powerful tools for fabric wall

Straight Tacker and
Bend Head Tacker

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Straight Tacker

A handy little tool that tacks the fabric in the beginning of an installation. But use it at the end too. Wherever it is needed.

This tool has a comfortable long handle. 
Tacker is one of the 6 powerful fabric-walls tool kit, more information.

How to use the Tacker?
One side has a rounded shape plate for pressing the fabric along the track and the other side has an angle to push the fabric in corners.

Use it in combination with the bend head tacker.

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Rocky rocks up and down in the track and pushes the fabric deep into the groove.
This tool like all the others works in tracks from 1/4″ up to 2″ projection.

When to use Rocky?
After the fabric is positioned in the track Rocky tucks the fabric quickly all around the room.

How to use this  upholstery tool?
Best is to watch the 42 seconds video of this powerful tool.

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Speed Roller

A quick and efficient fabric installer’s hand tool. Need to speed up the process at the final stage, use a Speed Roller! 

When to use this tool?
For tucking quickly the fabric in the track system after it is tucked and trimmed down.
An awesome time saver tool to use in straight line.
It works with major fabric track system even the deep ones like commercial tracks. Fast and clean solution. 

How to use Speed Roller?
Roll it back and forth until the fabric disappear in the fabric track system.

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Plastic Spatula

Why do we have a plastic spatula?
The special upholstery tool tucks a fabric closed to wood cabinets or a wood molding.

When to use it?
Use it at the end only. The textile is now installed on the wall and the excess fabric cut to the minimum. This soft material will not damage the surface next to the track. The spatula is a finishing tool and not strong like all others.
Check out this video.

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Bend Head Tacker

When to use this upholstery tool?

When an obstacle is in your way, and stops you from reaching the track. The angular shape of the plate makes it easy to tacker the fabric.

A great working tool around ceilings, baseboards or by special molding.

 In some cases a straight tacker doesn’t work because you cannot get the spatula in the track’s channel.
The solution is to use a tool with a bend head.

More video about one of the 6 powerful tools for fabric wall.

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6 tools for stretching fabric on walls,
watch the video of powerful hardware.

After watching video of these 6 powerful tools for fabric-walls.

You may wish to consider placing an order for any of the tools featured in it. These items have been carefully selected by our team of experts to provide the best possible results in terms of durability and value for money.

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In the meantime, we have more information on each product at
Visit the site to learn further on Rocky, Straight and Bend head Spatula, Ergo and Bay leaf spatula. And, the famous Speed roller.


best professional set of tools for fabric walls

PRO PACKAGE  Cut and tuck

8 efficient hand tools from start to finish

Serious tools to keep in your belt while you are working in residential or in commercial project.

We have combine a very good and smart little cutting tool for your tracks. It cuts like butter! Work all day if you need too.
Place your track against the ridge of the platform for making 45 degrees angle. You will get a perfect miter for all corners.

You can use it with our CES track or other half inch thick products.

Then, for stretching the textiles on walls or ceilings use the  the spatulas. We have added to the Pro package a quart round called Ergo. You will enjoy it for tucking the fabric in all situation.

A total of 1 cutter and 7 different spatulas.

Visit the site to learn further on our company and the fabric tucking tools. Also, check out all the hand tools, Rocky, Straight and Bend head Spatula, Ergo and Bay leaf spatula. And, the famous Speed roller.